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Lose Weight to Have More Energy

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The secret to effective long-term weight-loss in order to have more energy is to reduce your daily calorie intake and start to exercise regularly. People become overweight by leading a sedentary life-style that is highlighted by a poor diet. Other factors such as diabetes and genetics also play a part in a person being overweight. But this does not mean that it cannot be controlled.

The energy levels for an overweight person are significantly less than an average or fit individual, because the total body mass is difficult to move around and puts a strain on the individual. The food that an overweight person consumes is also directly responsible for low energy levels.

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The Caffeine Myth

caffeine mythWhat would we do without that steaming cup of coffee to get us going in the morning? Or that caffeinated soft drink we crave at lunch to give us our afternoon energy boost? For years this has been the most popular way to get our battery charged. Culturally acceptable yes, but is it healthy? Some studies say that it isn’t, and in some cases, it may even cause serious health problems. Is there a dark side to caffeine?

Caffeine is the most commonly used mood altering drug in the world. According to the John Hopkins School of Medicine, the average daily intake by American adults is roughly the equivalent of 4 cups of brewed coffee or 7 cans of soda. Did you catch the word “drug?” The medical establishment considers it one. Even the World Health Organization recognizes a diagnosis of substance dependence due to caffeine. That may sound harsh, but we will take a look at that in a minute.

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How To Have More Energy In The Morning

Starting each day bright-eyed and full of energy is an important goal that many people fail to achieve. Lacking energy, people stumble through their mornings. Sluggish people are more likely to be late to work, and they may make more mistakes without the energy to focus properly. Caffeine addiction is an unfortunate side effect, as [...]

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Top 10 Natural Energy Boosting Foods

Today, it is even more vital that we seek ways to keep ourselves healthy, happy and full of energy. Pollution, increased demands for our time, as well as the lower quality of the food we eat affects each of us. These and other environmental factors play a part in our holistic well-being. One of the [...]

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